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Our storytelling services are designed to make visual, emotional and cultural connections in pitching situations, such as a:

  • 30-second elevator ride
  • two-minute airport lounge meeting
  • five-minute board presentation
  • business lunch or dinner.

Quotes are given for all services, depending on your needs. Here are some packages:

  • for a review of a presentation to make sure you are telling the right story to build trust and gain engagement, $211 + GST
  • for a 400-word press release for a trade mission, tailored for perceptions in that country, $320 + GST¹
  • for a compelling 700-word company narrative, or backgrounder, that can be used on your website or in print, $537 + GST
  • for an initial brand positioning report that captures a company’s brand promise, values and personality. This defines the company and can be used to brief a designer and writer. Based on a morning's strategic whiteboard session, $2,541  + GST
  • for a two-minute professional video for your website or YouTube, filmed at your premises using your own people and excluding the cost of actors, voice-over, special effects and music, $4,371 + GST² 

Our services include:

  • an initial assessment, including canvassing of related services³
  • storytelling training and practice sessions for the different pitch scenarios, geared to making them strong and effective. These can be videoed to improve delivery and build confidence, and could form the basis for developing a two-minute professional video for presentations and websites
  • developing strong visual images, as part of the story-building process, to heighten impression and improve recall.

We ensure that a company’s story addresses:

  • what is your market?
  • why isn’t it being catered for?
  • what is it that you provide?
  • what value do you deliver that sets you apart? 

¹ We can arrange for your press release and narrative to be translated by NZTC International.

² Prices are based on work being carried out in Wellington.

³ The story should be based on market research and incorporated into the company’s brand, design, management, marketing and distribution.



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