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Bridging a trade divide

Posted in [digital], [Export], [wine], [Food and beverages] By Chris Wilson

Many times in my career, the courage and acumen of New Zealand exporters has inspired me.

This happened most recently when I interviewed Bob Richards of Wine Technology International Ltd for a case study for the New Zealand Export Credit Office (NZECO).

Bob related how he appeared to be in a bind.

“It was a stressful situation,” he said. “I had to assess from all angles the risk associated with the deal. Without the deep level of trust I had in my partner, and the knowledge I had of the industry, I wouldn’t have proceeded.”

Ultimately a high level of confidence was required.

Similarly, when I interviewed another exporter, Neil Cullen of Wimpex Ltd about a deal he was working on, he said at the end a leap of faith was needed.

After 18 months of exponential growth, his company had landed a large export order but it needed a big investment in machinery and stock to realise it. How could Wimpex secure the order and maintain its cashflow? You can read how it achieved it here.

I have also written a case study on NZECO’s assistance for New Zealand Apple Ltd.

The brief has been to communicate in compelling, plain English what are complicated trade financial arrangements.

I hope the confidence, calculated risk-taking and hard work you will read of in these case studies will be an inspiration for you too in your ventures.



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