What others are saying

“Your wording was invaluable to us – it made us both re-examine exactly what we were doing, and where we were going.  We all know that to build a business is a 'journey', and quality, professional help, wherever, is extremely valuable to grow successfully.”

Catherine & Marc Bendall on a story that served as a starting point for developing their new jewellery website.


“People love to share stories. When someone says: ‘Let me tell you a story...’ you’re interested, right? When someone says: ‘Let me tell you about my company’s products, is your reaction the same? It doesn’t sound like a way you want to spend your valuable time, does it? Stories are exciting.”

David Meerman Scott in his new book World Wide Rave, quoted in a BusinessWeek
article on storytelling on June 30, 2009

“No longer is it appropriate to lead with your credentials and the product or service offer. Now, the client needs to know you understand their situation, with all its issues, challenges and opportunities. Then, and only then, will he or she be willing to listen to what you have to sell.”

Neil Flett, RogenSi director, bright magazine, January 2009

“I was presenting to a Senior VP and I said that I thought our product was ‘somewhat unique’ and he said, ‘Sorry I have to stop you here Peter – you’re wrong. Your product is unique.”

Go Virtual Medical CEO Peter Vanderbeke, a New Zealander presenting in the US,
bright magazine, July 2009


“Companies need to make more connections between business and the human values New Zealanders are known for – and take it further. The advantage of our isolation is that it fosters independence. Our inspirational landscape leads to a way of looking at things differently.”

NZTE marketing director Lynette Murray, bright magazine, April 2008

“You have to not just sell your product, but sell the story around it.”

Stages Food chief executive Dana Mitchell, bright magazine, June 2009


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