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Creating compelling trade stories

Posted in [Checklist], [Export] By Chris Wilson

Here is a 12-point checklist to help you prepare a memorable story: 

 Are you putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and articulating the emotional and rational needs they have, or a problem they want solved?
 Is your story dramatic? Is it set out as a quest for a perfect customer solution or does it begin with a challenge that has to be overcome?

 Does your story set out the value you deliver that sets you apart?
 Do you have engaging details about the main players in your company?
 Have you woven in personal anecdotes? If you feel you are putting yourself on the line, your story is more likely to be engaging.
 Is your story complemented with interesting visual images?
 Is it framed by good design?
 Does your story show how your New Zealand location shapes your services or products?
 Does your writing demonstrate and show, rather than under or overstate?
 Is your story told in plain English?

 Have you tailored it to the medium and timeframe?
 In reviewing your story, does it touch your customers as people?

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